What is Digestive Motility?

This website has been created with the intention of helping those who suffer from digestive motility (aka GI motility) disorders. This term refers to a number of disorders affecting intestinal motility. This website has been set up as a useful resource and we welcome comments, enquiries and contributions from those with related interests.

Types of digestive motility disorders

These include:

  • Constipation or problematic bowel movements
  • adult colic, manifesting as intense abdominal pain
  • obstructed intestines
  • swollen distended abdomen
  • GERD, or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
  • systemic vomiting


all Digestive motility refers to any condition which may affect the way food is transported through the digestive tract. IBS, affecting millions of people worldwide, is possibly the most common GI motility disorder.

Chronic Pseudo-intestinal obstruction (aka CIP)

Often spoken about in conjunction with digestive motility is a painful condition known as intestinal pseudo-obstruction which manifests as an apparent obstruction of the intestines. Upon examination this syndrome turns out to be a muscle and nerve disorder caused by insufficient propulsion of the intestines. This disorder is thankfully relatively rare, but for  those that experience it it is extremely unpleasant and requires varying radiographs to correctly diagnose.

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