Our Recommended Supplements for Digestive Motility

Here are our recommendations for helpful gut herbs and supplements which may aid motility issues. Please bear in mind this is a non profit resource and not an official MD recommendation. However, we have found the following extremely helpful.

Slippery Elm – This ancient Native American remedy is the powdered bark of Ulmus rubra and is extremely useful for lessening stomach inflammation, increasing bowel movements and restoring overall gut health. We like the Baldwins version here.

Atrantil – This fairly new supplement contains peppermint leaf, Quebrcacho extract and Horse Chestnut. It calms the bowel and helps reduce methane in the small gut.

Traditional Swedish Bitters – This formula contains a number of bitter herbs which help to stimulate optimum digestive function. This one isn’t for everyone since it can be harsh, but in some cases it works superbly.

GI Revive – Designs for Health offers this excellent combination supplement containing l-glutamine to restore the integrity of the gut lining, pectin, licorice, quercetin, zinc and cat’s claw, amongst other things. This stuff is great and one of the best stomach healers.

Spirulina – Spirulina contains amino acids which your body can reassemble into digestive enzymes, as well as B Complex vitamins and overall antiinflammatory properties. We’ve been recommending this for some years to digestive motility sufferers with powerful results. We recommend the variety from a Microalgaesupplemements specialist here.

For Overall Immunity

Marine Phytoplankton offered by Plankton for Health is a high quality deeply nourishing green powder, easily absorbed. Since people with motility issues often suffer from poor absorption, phytoplankton’s small cellular size makes it the ideal choice.